Terms & Conditions


The Supplier and Organiser of the Tour is Max Adventure Ltd. Address: The Carpenters, Dalwood, Axminster, Devon EX13 7EB. UK. The following terms and conditions form the basis of a contract with the client (you). On completion of the booking form you will be sent a deposit invoice giving full payment details. The contract is formed between Max Adventure Ltd (herby known as Max Adventure) and you, once the deposit is banked and cleared.


This price is based on two people sharing a car and hotel room. Single person occupancy of a hotel room will normally incur a premium. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the price of unsold rallies at any time. The current price will be confirmed at the time of booking. We reserve the right to increase the cost of the rally by up to 5% to take into account additional nights and organised events on the rally. After confirmation the following provisions will apply:


A deposit, as indicated on the booking form is required which will be invoiced at the time of receipt of a completed booking form either online or by any other means. The balance of the cost of the rally is payable in accordance with the schedule on the booking form.  Payment is acceptable in the form of cheques, bankers’ draft, BACS or online transfer. In the event that we do not receive the balance of the cost of the rally by the due date we have the right to treat your booking as cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.


If you are unavoidably prevented from taking your rally, by reason of (but not limited to), illness, jury service, redundancy, unavoidable work commitments or the death or serious illness of a close family member, it may be possible for either you or Max Adventure to transfer your booking to another party (acceptable to Max Adventure) and in that event a £50 per person administrative charge on top of any costs incurred by us from a 3rd party (such as shipping line) will be levied.

Max Adventure is not responsible for the transference of the rally to another party although will endeavour to do so especially if there is a waiting list for the rally and providing there is time available to do this. In the event that the entry cannot be transferred to another party the following conditions apply:


All cancellations must be in writing and are subject to the following cancellation charges based on total invoice cost:

  • More than 60 days                25% (deposit only)
  • 43 to 60 days                          50%
  • 29 to 42 days                          75%
  • 28 days or less                        100%

The cancellation period will be calculated from the date the rally starts. We strongly advise taking out insurance to cover yourselves against the possibility of cancellation.


In the event that Max Adventure cancel the rally (excluding force majeure) we will refund all monies to the client. We reserve the right to retain the deposit should a rally be cancelled or postponed due to an unpredictable event (force majeure) over which we have no control.


Great care is taken to ensure that the descriptions and prices given for each booking are accurate at the time of booking . However Max Adventure reserves the right to change any of the details, including prices, in which case you will be advised of any such change before accepting your booking. In unusual circumstances, Max Adventure may have to modify a rally before you depart. If the modification is significant (for example a change of destination or change to a lower standard of accommodation [but excluding force majeure]), Max Adventure will notify you as soon as practicably possible. By signing the entry form you accept that changes may be made.

Tulip navigation routes detailed in the Route Book provided are tried and tested, but we cannot be held liable for changes in road conditions (such as emergency road closures) that may involve a detour from the proposed route. In the unlikely event that a route has to be changed at very short notice then Max Adventure endeavour to provide a suitable alternative which may, or may not, involve a Tulip route.


If you have any special requirements (dietary or otherwise) you must inform us of these in writing and confirmation will be given in writing by Max Adventure. Although Max Adventure endeavour to comply with this request we cannot guarantee that this will be met and we are not liable to you in the event that your requirement is not met.


On formation of the Contract between Max Adventure and you the Client, the following responsibilities are assumed:


(i) Insurance & Documentation 

Passport, visa, health insurance and repatriation are the responsibility of the client. It is your responsibility to have valid car insurance, MOT and vehicle breakdown cover including repatriation cover if in Europe and outside the UK. It is your responsibility to obtain all documents required for your rally, to ensure that these are in proper order and to take them with you. Max Adventure will not be liable if you fail to do so and you will be responsible for meeting any additional costs incurred by reason of such failure.

(ii) Compliance with Motor Regulations for Travel Abroad

You must comply with motoring regulations for travel abroad and carry the relevant equipment. Information is available from either your insurers, the AA and the RAC (in the UK). It is compulsory to have a full current driving licence, car registration document, motor insurance certificate and current MOT certificate where applicable to the age of your car. 


(i) Standards

Max Adventure accepts liability to provide the services we contract with you to a satisfactory standard. The descriptions, information and opinions given in any material by Max Adventure in respect of hotels and other suppliers whose services are used are given in good faith, based on the latest information available at the time of booking.

(ii) Financial Loss

Max Adventure liability is limited to the invoiced cost of the tour.

(iii) Death and Injury 

Max Adventure accepts no liability for death or injury if there has been no fault on the part of Max Adventure or its servants, agents or suppliers and the loss, death or personal injury suffered is attributable to your own acts or omissions or to the acts or omissions of a third party not involved in providing the services which make up your rally.

(iv) Liability for loss or damage to clients’ cars and property

Max Adventure is not responsible for damage to clients’ cars or property howsoever caused including when parked in hotel grounds. At all times you should be aware of the need to lock cars when unattended and remove valuables from the car. You must drive within the law and under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage to cars or property sustained during the rally.


Complaints during the rally must be addressed to one of the Rally organisers who accompany the rally. All complaints by customers after the end of the Rally must be confirmed in writing and received by us within 14 days of the completion of the Rally.


These are as specified on the website and / or in our leaflets. We reserve the right to alter the route as necessary to fulfil the event in a timely and safe way. Distance and routing may alter. We reserve the right to correct errors after confirmation of bookings but in the event that these are significant then if the error is caused solely by Max Adventure then clause 4(c) applies.


In the event that Max Adventure wishes to amend an essential term of the contract we agree to notify the customer as quickly as possible. The customer will then be given the choice to withdraw from the contract without penalty.

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